State of the art facility

Fully Equipped Workspace

Ja‐Co Welding & Consulting Ltd., is an 110,000 sqft facility divided into four spacious fabrication shops/offices and one state of the art Machine shop. All locations are CWB certified and are equipped with top of the line equipment and technology.

Our first location is built with 9 bays and 21 cranes. Each crane has a varying hook height and anywhere from 3 ton to 15 ton capacity. The yard has a rig up pad accompanied by a test hole and rig matting/gravel. All of our small oilfield, custom fabrication, processing and CNC burn table jobs are manufactured in this location. The office provides a large board room for customer use.

Our second location is built with 2 large drive‐thru bays, with 30’ x 30’ bay doors, and 14 cranes. Each crane has a hook height of 40’ and anywhere from 5 ton to 15 ton capacity. This yard also has a rig up pad, with full rig power and concrete. All of our large oilfield buildings, substructures and masts are manufactured in this location. This location is API Q1, API 4F and ISO 9001:2008 certified. The office is home to a large state of the art boardroom equipped with a projector, computer accessibility and conference capabilities, as well as offices provided for customer/consultant use with full networking access.

Our third location is equipped with 3 bays and an office space. This shop has 4 cranes; each with a 5 ton capacity.

Our fourth location is built with 2 drive-thru bays measuring 130′ long by 35′ wide, along with 16 cranes, each with a 32′ hook height and a 5 ton capacity. This location is also API 4F certified.

Our Machine Shop is built with 6 bays and 3 cranes. Each crane has an 18’ hook height and 10 ton capacity. Housing top of the line CNC & manual equipment, along with a water jet table and CNC plasma table (5 axis). This location is API 6A, API 8C, API 16A certified.